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Work for Peace

Annual Student Art ChallengeSFP_Picture
Theme: ‘Work for Peace’

Please join us in the 2015 Search for Peace by submitting your artistic representations of the theme ‘Work for Peace’ in music, poetry, essays, sculpture, painting, video, etc. Co-Sponsored by Father Jim Hogan, First Security Bank, the Independent, Missoula Area Central Labor Council, Zoo Town Arts Community Center, and La Stella Blu. Continue reading

  1. Wolves in the Mirror Comments Off
  2. Hope Is a Choice Comments Off
  3. Are We Standing or Living on Our Knees? Comments Off
  4. Government of the People Comments Off
  5. Fair Trade on Sale Comments Off
  6. Be the Light Comments Off
  7. Remember Sandy Hook Comments Off
  8. A Little Closer to Justice Comments Off
  9. No To Endless War Comments Off
  10. Israeli-Palestinian Hopes for Peace Comments Off
  11. ​Where Life and Death Meet​ Comments Off
  12. Life Across the Border Comments Off
  13. Buy Fair. Be Fair. Comments Off
  14. Walk the Talk Comments Off