Resist in Peace

Dear friends,cropped-protest-stroke-resistance-2-1(1)

Right now there is so much happening in our world. And resistance seems to be the theme of much of our actions and efforts. There is no doubt that many of these issues need our resistance (and persistence) — issues like standing up for refugees, protecting the rights of our LGBTI communities, the rights of laborers to organize, the reproductive rights of women and families and the rights of all of us to speak up and participate in our democracy. And yet, there is another reality that we must bring in to our efforts — Continue reading

Peace For Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day in the US was first created to honor mothers after the civil war, and as a call to peace for these mothers. It was a call for mothers to keep their sons close by, to oppose war, to ensure that the atrocities faced when armed brothers fought would never occur again. Continue reading

Making Peace

Dear friends,rally

On Monday, I got to witness a few baby steps toward peace in the midst of heated argument, fear and anger. I attended the rally against refugees held at the courthouse, where a few brave counter-protesters turned up to support refugees and a world where we are all just humans. There were definitely two camps of opinion. But there were times when those two camps came together to talk and often to recognize each other as fellow humans. Continue reading