Dear friends,45093-Believe-There-Is-Good-In-The-World

In light of events in 2017 so far, both public and political as well as private, minds have stirred. Many of my close friends and loved ones are asking if they are Good. Are they a good person? How would they know? I do my best to help them unwrap the question as I have so many times for myself. Being Good is like Courage and Excellence; it’s a virtue and a habit. Aristotle talks about virtues as the center point between two extremes. Courage is the virtue between Cowardice and Rashness. Continue reading

Good vs. Evil

“In my heart, there are two wolves: a wolf of love and a wolf of hate. It all depends on which one I feed each day.” ~ Anonymous Native American Elder.

Dear friends,

I was humbled and hopeful when I first found this quote. I am reminded of it now reading the stories and blogs about Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. It has stirred many conversations about the nature of violence and peace – are we inherently peaceful and trained to violence, or Continue reading