How About Building Community?

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Arming the Left (Independent May 18-25) starts with so many hypotheticals of armed inhuman Nazis shooting into crowds of pacifist demonstrators. After spinning this dystopian tale Michael Siebert writes “Let’s say you’re black or Jewish or” fill in the blanks. “You’re unarmed and your belief that something like this could never happen here has just been shattered.”

I am Jewish. I am well aware that it can happen here. It already has. Many times. Continue reading

BE the Peace Community

Dear friends,

Happy Birthday Jeannette Rankin!

Each June for the last few years, we have designated the month as membership month. June is the month Jeannette Rankin, our hero and namesake, was born, so it is the perfect time to celebrate our connection together as a community of folks working together in a variety of ways to make the world more peaceful, just and sustainable. We celebrate all of you with great gratitude for supporting us for 25 years, and we ask you to join us Continue reading