Father Jim Hogan

##“In 2001, I invited Missoula students to enter the Search for Peace. It has become an annual project and is open to all students.

Every year parents call to thank me for offering this opportunity to students. They urge me to continue it. I continue to donate $500.00 for award money, which has been supplemented by local donations.

JRPC has accepted the responsibility of assuring this continuity. I earnestly hope the Search for Peace will continue beyond my lifetime.

For 22 years I was privileged to share life with young adults at the University of Montana. During those years I became deeply aware of the enormous creative energy in our young people. We cannot ignore the increase of violence in our world. I know it is possible for us to help our young people withstand the attraction of violence.

In 2000, I was surprised to be the recipient of the Jeanette Rankin Peace Award. It is an honor to be recognized by those in our city who are dedicated to making peace. I felt this award also bestowed a responsibility. It affirmed my efforts to work for peace, but also challenged me to do more. One day as I was preparing to go on a hike, I realized that I could honor the award I had received by offering my own peace award. Two artist friends of mine created a bronze peace medallion. This medallion together with a cash prize is given to the recipient of The Father Jim Hogan Peace Award.”

Please consider a donation toward Search for Peace.