Search For Peace Award

The Search For Peace (SFP) award was first offered in 2001 by Father Jim Hogan, who was then the pastor of Christ the King Parish in Missoula, Montana.

Father Jim Hogan’s Search for Peace
In 2001, Fr. Jim Hogan challenged the community to look to young people as we struggle to find peace in our world. He believed that our children and young adults could offer us an inspiring perspective. In the years since, we have enjoyed multi-media artwork submitted by many Missoula area youth.

This year we have decided to look for the stories of peacemaking being lived out in our midst because it is these real life experiences that truly challenge and inspire us to find peace in our world. Please submit your nomination for a young person who, in their home, school and/or community, has shown us a vision of what peace and peacemaking looks like. A committee will choose one of these stories to highlight and be recognized at a celebration in the spring or summer.

The following criteria will be used in making the decision.

  •  Age 5-18.
  • Commitment to peace and justice
  • Nominee(s) may be a group or individual.
  •  A role model among their peers who walks the walk of nonviolence, social justice, and sustainability.

Submissions will be accepted until March 30, 2018 after which a panel will select a young person to honor at our Peacemaker event.

You can fill out the  online nomination entry here ,  or select the nomination form below to download a copy and submit via mail or stop by the Peace Center.

Search For Peace Nomination Form  the SFP entry form.

Please consider a donation toward Search For Peace.