Search For Peace Award

The Search For Peace (SFP) award was first offered in 2001 by Father Jim Hogan, who was then the pastor of Christ the King Parish in Missoula, Montana.

The award, a simple effort to address the increasing problem of violence in our world, has become an annual project in which Missoula students of any age are invited to express their concept of peace through any creative medium. SFP is open to all students in the Missoula area from elementary grades through the post graduate. There are no sectarian or religious affiliations.

Award Categories

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Secondary School
  • University; and
  • Collaborative.

Teachers and parents offer support and encouragement as students visualize realistic alternatives to violence. In the process we all are drawn to nurture, teach and express peace in our lives. Creative thinking and expression teaches people of all ages that peace is not merely the absence of violence but is a positive reality in its own right.

Award recipients receive a personally engraved bronze medallion and a cash award.

The Collaborative category invites a group of students from any grade or mixture of grade levels to join together and submit a creative project in which they all have collaborated. Students are invited to express their visions in the media of their choices: essays, poems, short stories, text arts, drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, slide presentations, power point, original songs, dances, dramas, skits and the like.

The Father Jim Hogan Peace Award includes a personally engraved bronze medallion and a cash award. Selected representatives from each category–elementary, middle, secondary, university, collaborative—are recognized with ceramic medallions and cash awards. All participants are recognized as Peacemakers with a certificate and bookmark.

Download the SFP entry form. Please consider a donation toward Search For Peace.