The World Needs Peace


Dear friends,imagine

All around us are examples of situations that can frustrate and disappoint us — if not make us outright angry. Situations of war and violence in the Middle East, the plight of millions of displaced refugees, the problem of race in this country or the critical need to protect our planet from dangerous oil and gas extraction plans. Continue reading

Time for Change?


Dear friends,potluck

I sometimes find it hard to believe that I have been at the peace center for more than 11 years! And I put that into perspective when I realize the life of this organization extends back 30 plus years to the days when the Iran-Contra affair in Nicaragua and arms talks between Reagan and Gorbachev captured the national headlines. Continue reading

Why Do We Have That Holiday in Early September?


The first national Labor Day was in 1894.  Many of us have forgotten the goal of the labor dayearly Labor Day celebrations: “to demonstrate the strength and esprit de corps” of organized labor. In recent years I’ve come to celebrate the union movement, for all of its mistakes and failings, in a way I never did when I was younger.  Continue reading

The Future of JRPC


Dear friends,kids peace

As we prepare for the changing of the seasons, JRPC is working to expand the peace community. The trees will soon bring crisp, beautiful colors and we too must accept and encourage the change and growth that the seasons show us. In the spirit of this thought, we welcome all of you to join us on Sunday, September 11th at 5:30 with ideas on what you need from your community peace center. Continue reading

Move To Amend


Dear JRPC Members and Friends,mtaprotestsign_1_medium

This week, Democracy needs your voice. Perhaps you have heard of the US Supreme Court Decision Citizens United, perhaps not. The 2010 Citizens United Decision was another in a series of decisions made by the Supreme Court that have fundamentally altered governance in our country, shifting rights from “the people” to “corporate persons.”

Continue reading