Faith and Kindness over Fear


Dear friends,spread-kindness

Many of the emails and articles I peruse remind me of the story of Chicken Little, who ran around shouting that the sky was falling. Before you think my head is buried in the sand, I do realize we are in the middle of an important legislative session, a critical election and that we are surrounded by many pressing issues that will affect all of us. Continue reading

Fair Trade Works


Dear friends,feminist

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day by wearing red and in many places striking or rallying to show the important role women play in our world. It’s about fairness and equality — worthy visions in a world where our government proposes to cut money for social programs in preference for military budgets and supporting the corporate model of profit over people. One of the programs we support here at JRPC is Fair Trade because it is the antithesis to the corporate model. It builds up communities rather than destroying them. Continue reading