Peace Organizations

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  • Anti
    Effort to end war — online newspaper, columnists, and discussion forums. A division of the Center for Libertarian Studies.
  • Center on Conscience & War
    CCW has been extending and defending the rights of conscientious objectors since 1940.
  • Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
    CCCO supports and promotes individual and collective resistance to war and preparations for war.
  • Co-op America
    Practical steps for using consumer and investor power for social change.
  • Earth Charter
    The Earth Charter is an authoritative synthesis of values, principles, and aspirations that are widely shared by growing numbers of men and women in all regions of the world. The principles of the Earth Charter reflect extensive international consultations conducted over a period of many years. These principles are also based upon contemporary science, international law, and the insights of philosophy and religion.
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation
    The largest and oldest interfaith peace organization in the U.S.
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation
    (FCNL)- A Quaker peace lobby in the public interest.
  • The Independent Institute: Center on Peace and Liberty
    The Center on Peace & Liberty is an integrated program of research, publications, events, media, and Internet projects to boldly advance understanding of government “crises” and their impact on the institutions of a free society. No issue is more central to the debate over public policy and more crucial to making peace, open markets, individual liberty, and the rule of law the cutting edge for future change.
    Connects people, organizations and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. Lists internship and humanitarian volunteer opportunities abroad.
  • International A.N.S.W.E.R.
    Working to stop war and racism; planning the “no war on Iraq” peace marches.
  • Montana Peace Seekers
    Links to Montana peace organizations and peace news from across the state
  • Nobel e-Museum of Peace
    Learn about Nobel peace laureates and read articles by those laureates.
  • Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service
    This link will take you to a comprehensive book list on nonvolence, as well as curriculum materials and workshop offerings.
  • Peace Tax Fund
    The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund which advocates for passage of the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill.
  • Roots To Resistance
    Works to bring attention to women activists
  • United for Peace
    A U.S. based organizing network, working with groups an individuals nationwide.
  • Veterans For Peace
    Chapter list of the national organization of Veterans working for peace and concerned about the care and treatment of veterans of all wars.
  • Voices for Creative Nonviolence
    Has roots in active nonviolent resistance to U.S. war-making.
  • Voices in the Wilderness
    Since its founding in 1996, Voices in the Wilderness has campaigned to end economic and military warfare against the Iraqi people.
  • WAND (Women’s Action for New Directions)
    Empowering women to act politically to reduce violence and militarism.
  • War Resisters League
    Dedicated to eliminating war and the causes of war: magazine, annual peace alendar, and a major campaign to promote nonviolence, justice, and end the militarization of youth by getting rid of war toys and military recruiting.
  • Women In Peace
    Celebrates the lives and efforts of more than 1000 women peacemakers, with their most cogent arguments for peace, and a daily celebration of their achievements.
  • World Beyond War
    World Beyond War is a global nonviolent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace.