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  • Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the EnvironmentASJE was born out of a recognition that sustainability involves both the conservation of the natural world as well as human communities. ASJE understands that human and natural communities are interdependent and that the decline in both often results from common social and economic forces.
  • Jobs with Justice — Founded in 1987, the JwJ mission is to improve working people’s standard of living, fight for job security, and protect workers’ right to organize. JwJ’s core belief is that in order to be successful, workers’ rights struggles have to be part of a larger campaign for economic and social justice.
  • United Electrical International Labor Information and Action SiteUE is an independent, national union which was founded in 1936. UE’s slogan is “The members run this union” and the common identity of the diverse membership is based on working together in a democratic, rank and file union.