Library Videos

Our large collection of classic and newer videotapes includes:

Peace is a Woman’s Job
The Vision of Jeannette Rankin Through Theater and Film by Allyson Adams (2005).
Peace Path
The Baltimore, MD Women in Black’s action in 2002 was the inspiration for  Missoula’s peace path March 19, 2005.
Always My Kid
Triangle Video Productions VHS
Alternatives To Violence- Project
“In the Belly of the Beast”
Canticle To The Cosmos Part 4
“Fundamental Order of the Universe” | Newstory Project. Brian Swimmer
Power and Terror in Our times
Noam Chomsky | A film by John Junkerman
Jeannette Rankin
The Woman Who Voted No
A Song for Tibet
Anne Henderson VHS
You Can’t Grow Home Again
Childrens TV Workshop | Costa Rica VHS

Local Productions

We have many locally produced videos including:

Kathy Kelley’s Visit to Missoula
Tom Dailey taped Kathy’s talk at the Wilma, including the reception afterwards.
Forgotten Sorrows
by Colin Holtz