Library Books

The library contains more than 2000 volumes, many of them out-of-print books, and all related to the mission of the Peace Center. Come visit, browse, and borrow.

Here are some notable titles in the JRPC collection:

The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq
by Christopher and Robert Scheer
Radical Simplicity
by Jim Merkel
Gag Rule
by Lewis Lapham
Running on Empty
by Peter G. Peterson
House of Saud, House of Bush
by Craig Unger
All The President’s Spin – George W Bush, The Media , & The Truth
by By Ben Fritz, Ryan Keefer, Brendan Nyhan
Boiling Point
How Politicians, Big Oil & Coal, Journalists & Activists Have Fueled the Climate  Crisis And What We Can Do To Divert Disaster