Library Audio Tapes

The library has collection of audio recordings of shows like “Alternative Radio,” and theĀ  Montana Public Radio show “The Songlines.” Among this collection are the following:

Ahmad, Equbal
Roots of the Gulf Crisis. 1991
Buyer Beware
Genetically Modified Foods.
Caldicott, Helen
Environment on the Brink
Chomsky, Noam
The War on Terrorism- Fact and Fiction
Churchill, Ward
Big Brother is Watching
Dyson, Michael
Malcolm X and the Politics of Race
Gagnon, Bruce
Beyond Star Wars: The Militarism of Space
Glasser, Ira
Civil Liberties and Terrorism
Hoodbhon, Pervez
Politics, Pakistan and Islam
King, Rev. Martin Luther
The Great March to Freedom
Korten, David
From Corporate Rule to Civil Society
Liquid Assets
Water for the Highest Bidder
Making Terror, Breaking Terror
broadcast, 4/12/02
Nader, Ralph
Crashing the Party. 4/8/02
Sainath, P.
India and Market Fundamentalism 11/20/01
Shiva, Vandana
Monocultures of the Mind
The Montana Logging & Ballet Company
Take the Barriers Down
The Songlines
The Crucible of Horror, Grief and Hate 9/13/01
Zinn, Howard
Campaign to End the Death Penalty
Zinn, Howard
Emma Goldman: Anarchism and War Resistance
Bright, Stephen
Capitol Punishment, Capitol Crime
Chomsky, Noam
Iraq-A Test Case of Imperial Violence
Goodman, Amy
Independent Media in a Time of War
These are Your Constitional Rights
Shiva, Vandara
Democracy and Global Economy
Zinn, Howard
War in Iraq
Chomsky, Noam
Collateral Language-War and Propaganda