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Dear friends,feminist

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day by wearing red and in many places striking or rallying to show the important role women play in our world. It’s about fairness and equality — worthy visions in a world where our government proposes to cut money for social programs in preference for military budgets and supporting the corporate model of profit over people. One of the programs we support here at JRPC is Fair Trade because it is the antithesis to the corporate model. It builds up communities rather than destroying them. Continue reading


To you — the members, supporters and volunteers of the Peace Center,thanks edited

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving – a perfect time for me to say thank you for the contributions of time, money and ideas you make each year to keep us going strong.  However you choose to spend the day, let us all remember those among us who are Continue reading

Nominate a Local Hero

Dear Peace Community,10-6

So many people around the world struggle. –the people of Syria daily are paying an enormous price trying to gain freedom, Haiti was hit this week with tremendous hurricanes and there are many places the media doesn’t go and untold stories we will never hear. It becomes clear that peace — and peacemakers are more needed than ever. Continue reading

Volunteer for the Peace Party

The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center is 30 years old this year!  Founded in 1986, JRPC CC for enews(1)has been an active voice for peace in the Missoula community ever since.  To commemorate and celebrate this wonderful history, JRPC is hosting a gala 30th Anniversary Peace Party on Sunday, October 16, 3-7 pm at the Home Arts Building of the Missoula County Fairgrounds

JRPC would not have made it all these years without the dedication and support of volunteers.  This 30th anniversary Peace Party is no exception.  Did you know that it takes about 50-70 volunteers to organize and host the peace party every year!  Volunteers help with all aspects of the event, including:  getting donations for the Live and Silent Auctions; handling payment for tickets and auction items (requires training several days before); serving food and drink; arranging decorations; set-up and take-down; and cleaning up afterward.

Those who volunteer to help with the Peace Party can get half-off on the cost of the entry fee.  This year’s Peace Party fee includes internationally-themed appetizers and dinner from Homestead Organics, wine and beer and a commemorative drinking glass, along with live entertainment, pumpkin decorating for children, opportunities to bid on silent and live auction items, and all the fun and hilarity of celebrating peace with friends and neighbors.   Member cost for entry is $30; volunteers who sign up by October 7 qualify for entry at $15.  We invite you to come either in gala clothes, or in your favorite peace t-shirt, whichever you prefer!

If you would like to volunteer for the Peace Party, contact our volunteer coordinator Nancy Leifer by October 7 at volunteer@jrpc.org or 406-207-9114.  If you would like to volunteer for other things, you can contact her also!

Time for Change?

Dear friends,potluck

I sometimes find it hard to believe that I have been at the peace center for more than 11 years! And I put that into perspective when I realize the life of this organization extends back 30 plus years to the days when the Iran-Contra affair in Nicaragua and arms talks between Reagan and Gorbachev captured the national headlines. Continue reading