Search for Peace

In 2001, Fr. Jim Hogan challenged the community to look to young people to find Peaceexpressions of peace in our world. He believed that our children and young adults could offer us an inspiring perspective. Continuing that tradition, we are accepting nominations for the 2018 Young Peacemaker — a person between the ages of 5 and 18 who has helped us in our collective Search for Peace.

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Celebrating a Peacemaker

Dear friends,refugeeswelcome

Many of you have been asking who the 2017 peacemaker is and today I am able to tell you. We are thrilled to honor and celebrate Mary Poole, founder and director of Soft Landing Missoula. It started with a picture — the one we all saw of the small body of Alan Kurdi, a 3-year-old Syrian boy who drowned as he and his family were trying to reach Europe in the midst of the refugee crisis. Mary, the mother of a small boy herself was moved. But Mary went further and acted. Continue reading


Dear Friends,bench

At the June 11 celebration of JRPC’s 30 years, and Jeannette Rankin’s birthday, a Declaration naming Betsy Mulligan-Dague as Peacemaker of the Decade was presented to her by members of the Missoula peacemaking community.  On Monday, June 13 I had the pleasure of meeting Betsy at the Peace Park to determine the exact spot where she would like to have a bench in her honor placed.  It was installed on Thursday between the two pine trees, west of the rock wall and bell.

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Peacemakers Wanted!

Dear friends,peacemaker group 2012 for enews(1)

We are looking for Missoula peacemakers.  Who do you know who walks the walk daily; who bravely addresses conflict; who makes justice for all central to everything they do;  who is not afraid to stir the waters a little — or a lot; who is brave enough to speak the truth; who teaches us to be better; who inspires you? Continue reading