Jeannette Said No – Musical Tribute to Jeannette Rankin


Jeannette Said “No”

We are pleased to share this musical tribute to Montana’s Jeannette Rankin,
the first woman elected to Congress.

Jeannette Said “No” is composed by Joe DeFilippo and performed by the R.J. Phillips Band, a group of Baltimore musicians. Joe DeFilippo: vocals, piano, bass guitar; Sue Tice: fiddle; Bill Phelan: mandolin; Leslie Darr: background vocals; Bill Pratt: drums, organ, background vocals. Produced & recorded by: Bill Pratt @ the Bratt Studio, Baltimore,MD.



Jeannette Said No – music   

Joy Through Beauty

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Last year I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Philadelphia-based artist, Lily Yeh, who travels the world employing arts as a tool for social justice, community-building and personal transformation.  This is a work she describes as a living social sculpture, combining visual arts with community mobilizing to create beauty.  As Lily states, “where we dare to imagine and thrive, there we have a freedom and a joy nobody can control.  How do we create joy?  Through creating beauty.”  Continue reading

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