Board & Staff

Coordinating Council

  • Diann Stewart
  • Jana Jackson
  • Kristen Wood
  • Lisa Robertson
  • Hana Meshesha
  • Faisal Akrami
  • Debbie Norheim
  • Paxson Swierc
  • Leslie Burgess
  • Nora Drew
  • Dre Castillo
  • Peter McDonough
  • Erin Nuzzo

Emeritus Board Members

  • Jon Bertsche
  • Ethel MacDonald
  • Steve McArthur
  • Anita Doyle


  • Betsy Mulligan-Dague, Executive Director
  • Carol Schwartz, Program Director

Join the Coordinating Council

Develop Your Leadership Skills

The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center (JRPC) needs you!

We are looking for members of our community who are dedicated to working for peace, social justice and sustainability to serve on our Coordinating Council. The Council is our leadership team, serving as the Board of our nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

We are seeking members who are committed to giving time to help JRPC continue as a strong community-based and directed organization. You can help us to fulfill our mission to “empower people to act locally to build a socially just, non-violent and ecologically sustainable society.” The Coordinating Council (CC) hires and advises paid staff, guides the committee work of volunteer members, and makes financial and programmatic decisions for the Peace Center.

What Is Your Committment?

Coordinating Council members should plan to give at least 5 hours per month, which includes one Board meeting and participation in at least one of the areas of committee work.

Currently active committees include: Peace Library, Fair Trade Store, Program Development, Publicity and Communications, Membership and Volunteer Development, Facilities Management, and Fundraising.

If you are interested please complete the questions found here and return your responses to the JRPC office at 519 S. Higgins, Missoula, MT 59801. We encourage you to nominate other leaders who you think would serve well, and if you provide us with contact information we will contact them to encourage their application.

You may also email your responses to We look forward to hearing from you.