Peace Party 2020

Peace Party 2020 – Online  Auction November 6 to 15

Starts Nov 6 –  Here is the link, come join in 

Each year, we come together as a peace community at our Fall Peace Party! It’s our chance to celebrate the past year and look ahead. We also raise the money we need each year for our programs. Your generosity each year inspires us and keeps us working for peace!

A little over a week from now  (October 8th)  is the date we had planned for our annual Peace Party. Not being able to share this event with you adds to the sadness of a year marked with distance, division and tragedy. We have had a wonderful outpouring of support from our letter asking for donations to help us raise the funds needed to keep the Peace Center going. We are SO grateful for all of you and your kindness.

But we can’t let the opportunity to connect with each other pass us by. It is important that we keep physical distance. But it is more critical that we continue to find ways to socially engage with each other. It is necessary to our wellbeing as social creatures and a basic foundation of peacemaking. So we are organizing an online auction to begin on November 6 and run until November 15 and our theme is “Peace Offerings”. We want this auction to focus on YOU and the gifts and talents you have to share. That way we can really connect with each other in a meaningful way.

All donated items are now ready for you at the auction site and will open for your bidding on Nov 6 at 5pm.  So, go to the site, get a login and start bidding!


And thanks to all who offered items or dinners or other fantastic offerings.  You responded to the request below. Thanks!

(this section below  is no longer active)

So we are asking you to think about what you have to offer our peace community. For instance, maybe you can offer something you have baked or made, teach a skill or donate some hands-on help to someone. The possibilities are endless! We just need to know by October 30.

If you’d like to offer something, please complete our google form or let us know the following information by October 30:

1) A description
2) The value
3) A suggested minimum bid
4) Can you deliver it or would you like us to pick it up?
5) And possibly a picture we can use for the auction (especially if it’s something you are offering to make or do in the future!)

Thank you for considering our request. We may follow up with a phone call, but we are cutting down on the paper we are using! There are a lot of online auctions happening now, but you have the opportunity to make this one very special. Even if you can’t donate something, we hope you will plan on getting an account at 32 auctions and checking us out with a bid or two or several in early November!
So grateful for you,

Betsy Mulligan-Dague
Executive Director or 406-274-6171