Healing Hate

Dear friends,
The Fund For Peace recently reported that the US is among 20 countries where pressures have grown significantly in the past decade in ways that undermine stability – due in large part to the lack of cohesion and internal divisions we are so very aware of. The quote below is definitely one of my favorites because it calls me to look within and confront my part in all of this. While it is so much easier to look at the wolves of hate in other people, it is so much more important to do so for ourselves. At times we all feed our wolves of hate by calling people names, insisting on being right or demonizing others. It is easy enough to see clearly the mistakes of others, but healing this country requires us to hold a mirror to ourselves.

In my past life as a Social Worker, I often worked with folks who were stuck in a negative spiral – one person’s hateful acts led to another’s hateful response which only exacerbated the original hate and so on. If only one person would step outside this vicious cycle, space for healing could open up. We remember Dr. King’s words that “only love can drive out hate”. Let it be a reminder to take some time to look in the mirror and explore our wolves. Figure out how to quit feeding hate and then make the commitment to spend time each day nurturing and feeding the wolves of love in ourselves and those around you…Betsy

“In my heart, there are two wolves: a wolf of love and a wolf of hate.  It all depends on which one I feed each day.” Anonymous Native American Elder