Awakened Hope

Dear friends,
Yesterday (Jan 20, 2021) awakened hope. As we celebrate the progress we witnessed and the beauty and compassion we were party to, let us also recognize the actions we were called to take on. Whether it is finishing this nation, lobbying for much needed progress in our state or reaching around the globe to give a hand to those who suffer, hope and celebration will steady us for the work ahead. The amazing Amanda Gorman is probably the most quoted poet in the last 24 hours and rightfully so. I was recently gifted another wonderful poem written by 11 year-old Missoulian, Elizabeth Martinez as part of the Missoula Writing Collaborative “Words with Wings” Summer Camp. Thank you Elizabeth for describing the things I can do to finish the work…Betsy

Rewrite boundaries.
Rethink modern life.
Guide warriors to victory.
Believe that all people are beautiful.
Have faith that the world will be better.
Have love in your heart for everyone who comes to you.
Be the person who speaks out.
Be the one who stands up for others.
Be someone you are proud to be.
~Elizabethe Martinez