Hanging on to Hope

Jan 14, 2021
Dear Friends,
On Monday, we will celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was born 92 years ago into a moment much like the one we’re in today – wrought with racial violence, income inequality and a rise in authoritarianism around the globe. But rather than despair over our failure to solve these problems a century later, let’s honor Dr. King by celebrating the progress we have made and refusing to give up the hope that he saw from the mountaintop. He knew that the hoped-for world would be fiercely resisted by those at the top of the caste system, Continue reading

Reflecting Forward

Dear friends,
We stand on the brink of a reset – one I know we all look forward to. However in looking forward, let us also hold on to the lessons that 2020 taught us about the things that really matter and the importance of flexibility and resilience. With your help, JRPC kept all our staff employed. We transitioned to an online store, a successful online auction, zoom meetings and even an online discussion series that has attracted people from all over the state. 2020 gave us time to reflect on what we do, how we do it and why.

Continue reading