Physically distanced but socially engaged

Dear friends,
Settling in after a long election cycle and our first ever online auction (thanks for making it a success!!), I realize that nothing is settled! Our country is still divided and many of us will forego the gatherings this holiday season that sustain us as social beings. Perhaps this time of physical distance can help us re-imagine ways we can socially engage, because that sense of connection and belonging is a foundation of peace. You know there are people who would love a phone call or a note from you, people who have a story to tell and just need someone to listen. Make a point to engage with them. There are people you don’t know who need help meeting basic needs like food or housing. Make a point to find a way to engage and lend your money or your time. And then there are folks in all our lives who stand on the other side of our political perspective. And it is here most of all that we must find a way to engage. The group Building Bridges suggests a way to start is by reflecting on these 2 questions:

  • What’s one thing that concerns you about your own side?
  • What’s one thing that you can appreciate about the other side?

The future is always uncertain. We will get through this together by celebrating the things that connect us. I would love to hear your creative ideas about how you are engaging with the people in your life, those in your community and those you don’t agree with…Betsy