Nov 12, 2020

Dear friends,
Tomorrow the Montana Nonprofit Association will celebrate Philanthropy Day by honoring outstanding organizations and individuals. Today and ever after, I am honoring the people listed here. In August I sent out a special appeal for donations to help us weather the storm of Covid-19. You folks listed here (as well as a couple who wanted to remain anonymous) stepped up to say “yes”! And because of all of you, we raised over $20,000 from that letter! Each week as the checks kept coming, I was awed by your generosity. And all the notes you wrote touched my heart. My thanks to each of you and all of you for your part in making sure a Missoula icon of peace remains strong into the future.

This coming Sunday we will close our very first online auction and again an amazing group of folks stepped up to donate meals, desserts, quilts, classes and so much more. Special thanks to the Good Food Store and First Security Bank for leading the way. And a growing list of participants is bidding away on items getting us about halfway to our goal. It’s fun to watch! But it is even more heartwarming to feel the support from our community. You all make me so proud to be a part of this organization and to be about the work of peace! Quoting William Shakespeare, “I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks”…Betsy

Doug Anderson and Mary Miester,    Susan and John Anderson,    Linda and Genevieve Andrus,    Dennis Bangs,    Bittinger Family,    Bodenhamer Family,    Claudia S Brown,    Kim Brown and Jon Meredith,    Karen and Rich Buley,    Leslie Burgess and Serena Early,    Bob Campbell,    Walter Carollo,    Flo Chessin,    Nancy and Todd Cochran,    Nancy Cooper and David Chrismon,    Mary Ellen Cote,    Theresa and Randy Cox,    Pat and Tyler Cross,    Beatrice Crystal,    Steve Dagger,    Philip Dague,    Rusty Dague and Betsy Mulligan-Dague,    KD Dickinson and Beth Youngblood,    Gary Delp and Rebecca Douglas,    Nora and William Drew,    K. Jane Duncan,    Liz Dye Family,    Ken and Terry Egan,    Julia Ellison,    Thomi Ellsworth,    Nancy and Ron Erickson,    Suzie and Mark Estep,    Sue Falsey and Brad Leonard,    Catherine and Chris Filardi,    Janet Finn,    Genevieve and James Fix,    Kate and Dick Fizell,    Fox Halverson Family,    Jill Zignego and John Gardner,    John Garrity and Jean Thorstenson,    Carmela and Richard Guza,    Diane Haddon and Fred Allendorf,    Suzanne and Hamp Hampton,    Sandra Hanson-Koness and Michael Koness,    Hardy Family,    Susan Hay Patrick,    Patrick Weasel Head,    Nancy Heil and Martha Buser,    Mary Lou Hermes,    Dave and Patricia Herries,    Barbara Hollenbaugh,    Walter Honan,    Imagine Nation Brewery,    Ink Realty,    Jana and Ron Jackson,    Mike and Jo Jakupcak,    Kay Marie Johnson,    Anne R. Johnston,    Carroll Jones,    Christine E Jorgensen,    Kate Kahan and Jennifer Kern,    Connie Keogh,    King Family,    Gerhard and Gayle Knudsen,    Thea Koehler,    Ruth Koger,    LaPorte Rial Family,    Linda Lee and William Tanke,    Sherry Lee,    Nancy Leifer and Roger Strobel,    Ole and Rusti Leivestad,    Peter Lesica,    Cynthia Mathews,    Kim Maynard,    Kim Maynard,    Steve and Jan McArthur,    Lorrie and Jim McKinny,    Shirley McLaughlin,    Sally and Scott McNall,    Meng Dentistry,    Barb Merrifield,    Peggy and Paul Miller,    Moffatt Family,    Moody Family,    Jane Morell-Hart and John Hart,    Michelle and Satori Mori,    Laura Morris,    Ken and Sherry Morrison,    Mount Club Reserve,    Sarah Mulligan Family,    Neff Family,    Martha Newell and Mike Kadas,    Erin Nuzzo,    Ann Oberg,    O’Brien Family,    Mike Bennett and Evy O’Leary-Bennett,    Mike Bennett and Evy O’Leary-Bennett,    Julie Osborn and Scott Pankratz,    Michael Painter,    Jean and Eric Pfeiffer,    Jeannette Williams and Walter Redfield,    Kitte Robins,    Heddi and Mike Sanders,    Carol and Sue Schwartz,    Semmelroth Family,    Don and Marguerite Shattuck,    Christine Sheff,    Snetsniger Siegel Family,    Z’eva Singer,    Skousen Sherpa Family,    Stan Skousen,    Smith Family,    John and Carolyn Snively,    Daniel Spencer and Patrick Burke,    Janice Springer,    Janice Springer,    Scott and Janet Sproull,    Jana J. Staton and Roger Shuy,    Sara Alice Steubs,    Mary Svien,    Thelen Family,    Ginny Therriault,    Unity of Missoula,    Darrel and Elizabeth VanKoten,    Kathy Vaughan and Alison Cobb,    George Waring,    Western Montana Returned Peace Corp Volunteers,    Erin White,    Kathi and Woody Wood,    Wood Argo Family,    Bev Young and Tom Javins,    Jenny Zaso and William Hitchcock,