Our Impact with Fair Trade


Becoming a conscientious consumer might not seem like a lot in the battle to move the social good of the world forward but it is. I cannot stress this point enough. For better or worse, our world is driven by economics. That gives your dollar power. Trust me, I get it, it can be an overwhelming process to look behind the label of everything you buy, research, and agonize between about the, “lesser of two evils” when all you want is a new toothbrush. Thankfully, there are so many people out there rethinking and innovating how business is done. When we make the commitment to support that change by buying local, fair trade, environmentally friendly, etc. the rule rather than the exception, your positive purchases begin to add up.

I took some time this week to do a deep dive on the impact of our little shop. Turns out we have representation from over 50 Countries, Territories, and Indigenous Tribal communities!  Not bad for a small shop in Missoula. Here are just a few of the ways your purchases in our shop impact these communities, 

  • Jobs for Refugees in Spokane, WA & Western Massachusetts.
  • Funding for the Center for Biological Diversity.
  • Funding for Save the Children. 
  • Cultural preservation projects. 
  • Scholarships for women and children.
  • Support for women and families affected by HIV.

The Olive Branch is proud to support our fair trade partners, local makers and other small businesses based in creating social good. We are also proud to present Missoula with the means to become conscientious consumers and will continue to empower you to cast your vote for the type of world you want to live in with your spending.

Carol Schwartz