Climate Collapse is a Spiritual Crisis Requiring a Spiritual Solution

The only world we will ever know and love is in danger. Many of us have lost connection with our spiritual roots and no longer remember what it feels like to wander through an old-growth forest or to stare in awe at a star-spangled sky. It is time for us to resacralize our connection with the Earth that nurtures and sustains us; time we acknowledge our sacred obligation to live in a much more awake and openhearted way.

Facts alone do not tell the story. Our hearts break as we witness blackened forests and lands drowned in floods. Our despair is deepened by a pandemic that keeps us isolated inside individual shelters, deprived of human touch. We’re anxious and scared, and don’t know what to do. Continue reading

Our Impact with Fair Trade


Becoming a conscientious consumer might not seem like a lot in the battle to move the social good of the world forward but it is. I cannot stress this point enough. For better or worse, our world is driven by economics. That gives your dollar power. Trust me, I get it, it can be an overwhelming process to look behind the label of everything you buy, research, and agonize between about the, “lesser of two evils” when all you want is a new toothbrush. Thankfully, there are so many people out there rethinking and innovating how business is done. When we make the commitment to support that change by buying local, fair trade, environmentally friendly, etc. the rule rather than the exception, your positive purchases begin to add up.

I took some time this week to do a deep dive on the impact of our little shop. Turns out we have representation from over 50 Countries, Territories, and Indigenous Tribal communities!  Not bad for a small shop in Missoula. Here are just a few of the ways your purchases in our shop impact these communities,  Continue reading

Calling All Women

Plan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment with other women in Missoula on October 24, 2020.  Let’s honor the women who fought for our rights and women’s equality over the years, including the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center and the League of Women Voters of Missoula are asking you to wear white in honor of the suffragists (and maybe a little yellow and purple trim!). Bring your ballot to the election office (140 N Russell St.) in person Saturday, October 24 between 9 am and 1 pm.  You can either drop it off in the box located in the election office or use the convenient drive by box. Please wear a mask and keep a safe social distance from others. Continue reading

Peace Party 2020 – Online  Auction November 6 to 15

Peace Party 2020 – Online  Auction November 6 to 15

Each year, we come together as a peace community at our Fall Peace Party! It’s our chance to celebrate the past year and look ahead. We also raise the money we need each year for our programs. Your generosity each year inspires us and keeps us working for peace!

A little over a week from now  (October 8th)  is the date we had planned for our annual Peace Party. Not being able to share this event with you adds to the sadness of a year marked with distance, division and tragedy. We have had a wonderful outpouring of support from our letter asking for donations to help us raise the funds needed to keep the Peace Center going. We are SO grateful for all of you and your kindness.

But we can’t let the opportunity to connect with each other pass us by. It is important that we keep physical distance. But it is more critical that we continue to find ways to socially engage with each other. It is necessary to our wellbeing as social creatures and a basic foundation of peacemaking. So we are organizing an online auction to begin on November 6 and run until November 15 and our theme is “Peace Offerings”. We want this auction to focus on YOU and the gifts and talents you have to share. That way we can really connect with each other in a meaningful way. So we are asking you to think about what you have to offer our peace community. For instance, maybe you can offer something you have baked or made, teach a skill or donate some hands-on help to someone. The possibilities are endless! We just need to know by October 30.

If you’d like to offer something, please complete our google form or let us know the following information by October 30:

1) A description
2) The value
3) A suggested minimum bid
4) Can you deliver it or would you like us to pick it up?
5) And possibly a picture we can use for the auction (especially if it’s something you are offering to make or do in the future!)

Thank you for considering our request. We may follow up with a phone call, but we are cutting down on the paper we are using! There are a lot of online auctions happening now, but you have the opportunity to make this one very special. Even if you can’t donate something, we hope you will plan on getting an account at 32 auctions and checking us out with a bid or two or several in early November!
So grateful for you,

Betsy Mulligan-Dague
Executive Director or 406-274-6171

Healing from Hate

Dear friends,
Violence by white supremacy groups has dominated our news from the stories of Charlottesville, Parkland, Pittsburgh and El Paso to anti-Semitism in our own state and the power given those groups by a leader who this week refused to criticize them on national television. It seems hate is part of a profound change in the crumbling American Dream. Earlier this year, JRPC was honored to sponsor a film in the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival that examines this phenomenon with depth and understanding. It was the official selection of DOC NYC & our own BIG SKY DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL. We are thrilled to bring it back for another showing in Missoula. Continue reading