You Care – and We are Grateful

Dear peace community,
This year more than any other time, we can see what is really important in our lives, our workplaces and our communities — our connections with each other are the most valuable thing we have. At a time when we can’t see faces or give hugs or handshakes, it is more important than ever to celebrate and appreciate each other. It is after all, the foundation of peacemaking.

Last week, I sent out a letter to our current members letting them know that our annual Peace Party, which we all love so much, is not going to be possible this year. Obviously, we will miss the thrill of being with so many of you. But we will also miss the income generated by the event — $30,000 or more that we use for programming and support throughout the year.

My heart is full of gratitude to those of you who answered our call right away and sent a donation. You are securing a future for this Center that serves as a beacon for many in these times. But some of you are not current members, and I wanted to give you the opportunity to join us now. You too can help us continue our work to engage each other in the conversations and actions that will make change for racial justice, an end to war, climate change, empowering fair trade artists and other critical efforts. I know that many of you are experiencing some of the same economic challenges as the Center. But I hope you like the work we are doing and share my desire to make sure this beacon of peace continues to thrive.

We hope a gathering will be possible in the early spring of 2021. And we have some other ideas for how we can stay connected. But in the meantime, stay safe and healthy and keep caring for each other and our world. With our thanks…Betsy