When Will We Ever Learn?

Dear friends,
My inbox is full of commentaries and stories about the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. It is right that we remember and relive the horror of our decision to needlessly and brutally sacrifice over 140,000 people and cause untold suffering, loss and environmental destruction. That day in 1945 more than anything unleashed a new era where it was possible to imagine the annihilation of humankind. The Captain of that bomber plane wrote in his log, “What have we done?” and so many others associated with it have verbalized regrets.

The Hibakusha, survivors of the bombing, took another path. They have committed themselves to educating the world about the tragedies of war and the dangers of nuclear weapons. They joined Japanese Americans interned in camps during the war to stand up for the asylum seekers on our southern border. And they have spoken out about the need for solidarity with all mankind as we tackle the effects of COVID-19. They also travel the world to plant trees of peace from the cuttings of a tree that survived the bomb. Each year on this day, they gather to pray for the victims and call on people across the world to work for peace. Today, let us ask ourselves, how will we answer?

Join the Hiroshima 75th memorial “Peace+Art+Music” global 10 hour broadcast today at https://www.midheaven.network/

Make a peace crane at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfnyopxdJXQ and share it with someone

Hike to Missoula’s Peace Park, spend a moment of silent reflection and leave someone a message of peace