History Has Its Eyes on You

Dear Friends,
Like many people, I took some time in July to check out the musical Hamilton and was instantly in love. This show has a lot to say about our country, culture, and our relationships with people. One line in particular has really stuck with me, “History has its eyes on you.” This is a recurring theme in the show often mentioned by George Washington. Do you think the founders could have imagined our country in 2020? I suspect they knew they were drastically shaping history but to what extent?

History has its eyes on you… me… us. What will history say about 2020? Will it say that Breonna Taylors killers walked free or that the people demanded justice for her stolen life? Will it say that when faced with a global pandemic people came together and supported one another? Will it say that we turned a corner in 2020 and thought differently about what is and isn’t important in our lives? Will it say that this was the year the tide shifted irreparably on climate change?

Will people look back 250 years from now and wonder if we realized the importance of the time we lived in? We are the ones who will determine what History says about us. So, what do you want it to say?

Carol Schwartz