Happy Birthday Jeannette!

June 11, 2020
“Until all the factors that make up a social problem are taken into consideration, no social problem can be solved, certainly not until primary factors such as fears and desires of the masses of the people are taken into consideration. To work out the problems of cooperation between the nations, that cooperation must be based on all essential factors making up the problem of each nation. The international group cannot proceed on the basis of the desires of the individuals forming the group but upon the dominate attitude of the component groups. Therefore, a program that is genuine must take into consideration the actual facts that make up the conditions in this country as well as in every other. It must be based on the thinking and fears and desires of the masses of the people, for in the end we must agree with Jefferson to the extent that governments derive their just power from the consent of the people.

Our peacetime expenditures for war are greater than any time in our history. Europe is spending for war far beyond what they can afford. Some may come before you and tell you which nation is going to attack which nation, and why, and when, and so on. This is all beyond me, but there is one thing I do know, that the nations of the world are going to be like the little boy who received a gun and diary for Christmas. The day after Christmas he wrote in his diary: “Snowing, can’t go hunting.” The next day he wrote: “Snowing yet; can’t go hunting.” and the next day: “Snowing still, shot grandma.” We don’t know whether the nations are going to shoot grandmother or the baby, but we know that they are going to shoot and it is for all of us to do all in our power to prevent the catastrophe.”

Jeannette Rankin
Excerpt from Mass Action and it’s Effects on International Cooperation for World Peace
Address given at the Institute of Public Affairs in Charlottesville, Virginia July 8, 1937