Never Doubt

May 7, 2020
Dear Friends,

While the COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to require much of global attention in the coming months, its important to remember that issues related to peace & justice need as much attention as ever. I have seen so much beauty and grace in response to this reality we are currently living. However, that response is not absolute and its shortfalls reflect many disparities that exist in our world normally.

Most Native American Nations have received little to no support during this pandemic. People sit in jails and prisons across this country with few options of how to protect themselves from an outbreak inside. Children live on top of each other in refugee camps or boarder detention facilities. There are veterans who live on the streets and people that can’t afford food. Meanwhile, the the US military budget sits at 748 Billion for 2020. So, what can we do?

JRPC has been working with the Friends Committee on National Legislation and some Missoula community members for the past few months on building a Grassroots Advocacy Team here in Missoula. FCNL’s advocacy teams work together building ongoing relationships with elected representatives to foster a network of advocates in the community acting as champions for peace and justice. More specifically, these teams advocate for issues pertaining to,

    • Criminal Justice
    • Economic Justice
    • Environment & Energy
    • Gun Violence Prevention
    • Immigration & Refugees
    • The Middle East & Iran
    • Native Americans
    • Nuclear Weapons
    • Peacebuilding
    • U.S. Wars & Militarism
  •          Voting and Elections
    • Our next workshop is a 2 hour interactive advocacy workshop that will train participants in how to be more effective advocates for peace and justice, even while isolated at home. We will go in-depth on FCNL’s relationship-based style of lobbying, teach skills on storytelling, and best practices on effective communication with members of Congress. We will explore why the Advocacy Teams program is so effective, provide an overview of our 2020 campaign to end endless war, and take action together. At the end, we will be ready to move forward with launching a grassroots Missoula Advocacy Team to continue this work. This workshop is free and open to the public. Join us May 21 from 6:00-8:00 on Zoom! Please register at on FCNL’s website so we can have an accurate count of participants.


Carol Schwartz

P.S. If anyone has an infrared or forehead thermometer that we can use for the foreseeable future it would be much appreciated! It’s also not too late to make a donation to Missoula Gives. Giving has been extended through Friday May 8th!