“I was born for peace.” ~Jeannette Rankin

May 28, 2020

Dear friends,
We are all excited to see the warmth of late spring and summer upon us. And we are happy to begin to see so many of our members and customers again. We have missed you!!! June is the month Jeannette Rankin, our hero and namesake, was born, so it is the perfect time to welcome you back and celebrate all of you with great gratitude for the support you have given us for 34 years to build this permanent place for peace, a truly unique piece of Missoula. We have some fun planned for our shoppers this weekend (check it out below) but we also want to invite you to come in and celebrate Jeannette’s June birthday with us. For the entire month of June, everything in the store is 10% off for everyone who comes in to celebrate with us. PLUS, we’ll be offering our members a 25% discount in gratitude for your ongoing support. June would be a great time to sign up as a member if you haven’t yet!! And we might throw in some extra fun along the way because our membership retention rate is over 60% and that deserves a huge amount of thanks!!

We also are looking to the future. While membership is strong, that’s only a third of our income. WE hope to see more sales in the store soon, but we know the upcoming Higgins bridge project will impact us. And we have to begin to think about our annual Peace Party. Can it happen and how will it need to change? We want to be healthy and responsible, but no nonprofit can survive without fundraising. One of our members suggested we ask you all for input, and we thought that was a great idea. So I invite you to tell us your ideas for ways we can safely raise the funds to maintain and grow our organization. As members, you ARE the organization and as customers, you ARE the Fair Trade movement! I’m looking forward to your ideas and to working with you to make them happen.

In celebration of all we are together, Betsy