New Normal

Dear Friends,

I know many are anxiously awaiting a return to “normal” life. I have heard it several times in the past few weeks. What has been more interesting to me however is the number of people expressing anxiety over returning to that normal. Personally, I fall into this second group. I am enjoying the slower pace of life and have been energized by the freedom of my time. Regardless of what comes as we venture back into the world one of the (many) areas where we cannot afford to return to “normal” is our relationship with the environment. It has been amazing to see how the natural world has rebounded. Dolphins in Venice, cleaner air in Los Angeles, endangered animal populations recovering, and all of this in a few months. It is my sincere hope that we can use the lessons we have learned (and are still learning) form the experiences of the last few months to think more intentionally about what the new normal can look like.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a message to the earth in celebration of the 50th earth day! So many wonderful messages that inspire and show the beauty of our natural world.

Carol Schwartz