Little Moments

When we were asked as board members to write an intro for the newsletter, I was a bit apprehensive, as I am not the best person to put words on paper.  We were asked to write about how the COVID-19 has affected us, and how we are managing.

After the realization that this virus was going to affect our community the same as it has so many others before us, as owners of a small business the first and hardest reality was the fact that we had to lay off our employees.  We are not alone in the fact that our business is our family income. We have many friends who are in the same situation. We will just keep doing what we do, the best way we can and with some prayer and a little sweat, we will come out of this ok.

I have to say, that since life has slowed down a bit, I have taken more time to notice what is around me and appreciate the small things in life.  I have also noticed that people in general seem to be showing more compassion. I have seen so much generosity take place in the last month, and witnessed so much support of one another, it makes me grateful to be part of this community. As for the bigger picture, all you have to do is turn on the news and in five minutes or less, you will spot much of the same generosity everywhere.  People caring about people.

Stay safe and well wishes.

Jana Jackson
JRPC Coordinating Council Member