Celebrate Earth Month

This month we celebrate the 50th earth day. Since we all seem to have some extra time on our hands why not spend the whole month celebrating? I am calling on our peace community to send messages of/to mother nature, the plant, earth, the environment… whatever you call this natural world that surrounds us. For some, the message might be

a photo of a flower blooming in your yard. For others, a favorite poem. It might even be a literal letter from you. Let your creativity run wild.

If you feel inclined to share your message, from now until April 19th you can send your messages or a version/ representation of them to me at programs@jrpc.org. It is my intention to take the messages people share and compile them in a larger message from our peace community so the more we collect the better!

Need inspiration? Get outside. Practice safe social distancing but get outside. Go for a hike, work in your yard, take a drive, or just sit on your deck for a bit. Be with nature and think about what you would like to say or show. Write about the experience, take a photo, find a quote, make art, sing a song, plant something, or make a promise to change a behavior. Do what makes sense for you.

I look forward to seeing your messages in whatever form they come,

Carol Schwartz