Fear, Danger, Courage

“Fear creates danger, and courage dispels it.”
Henry David Thoreau

Dear friends,
Many of us are rightly concerned about the future of our country. The times we live in are perhaps the most uncertain of any in our history and our fears are well-founded. There are many politicians that we don’t agree with – ones that we blame for all that is wrong with our country. However, I refuse to respond in blame and ugly name-calling. Someone recently called me a coward for that. Maybe so and yet blame and anger have never moved a conversation forward. In fact they are the tools that sustain our divisions. We recently celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He is my example of courage – to speak the truth of his own vision without attacking the character or reputation of those who thought differently. Others may do so –even others we expect to behave with more dignity. Yet the way I respond is my choice. To me that is courage – to focus on my vision instead of allowing my fears and doubts and even my anger to respond for me. What happens when another political party wins – we begin again with different winners and losers? It is still division and the truth is we will always be divided. We can keep fighting those who think differently or we can seek understanding. I am just as concerned for the future and even more committed to nonviolence — in thoughts, words and actions – as the way forward. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about cowardice and courage in the face of our current reality.