Dear friends,
One week from today many of us will sit down with friends and family to begin the holiday season in gratitude. I grew up hearing the story of grateful pilgrims sitting down in thanks with the people whose land they took. Of course, the story never included that last part, but today we know that those days were the beginning of great trauma for the first nations of this country. Family gatherings have always been joyful for me. However, I know that is not the case for many. Some families will face empty seats this year because of violence and war. Some families are as divided in perspective as our country and face difficult conversations and the reliving of past traumas. As we prepare our grocery lists, let us also prepare our hearts and minds to embody ourselves with a presence that is authentic, check our assumptions and biases so we can truly honor each other for the stories we each bring, and connect with each other in a healing way.

Our thanks to all of you who contributed to make our Peace Party a success. Check out our LONG list of generous sponsors, donors and volunteers

And — In case you missed the PEACE PARTY, but still want to get in on the fun, we have a few dinners left that are available for purchase. To find out more, give us a call at 543-3955.

  •  Authentic Portuguese Dinner by Sofia Reis at the home of Steve and Connie Running on Saturday, January 18, 2020, 2 plates at $225 each
  •  A Turkish Delight from Leslie Burgess, Serena Early and Cyndy and Ray Aten on Saturday, February 1, 2020, 2 plates at $350 each
  • Taste of New Orleans Cajun and Creole Dinner by Nancy Leifer and Linda Andrus on Saturday, February 8, 2020, 2 plates at $225 each
  •  Authentic Indian Dinner from former Coordinating Council member Srini Mondava on Saturday, February 29, 2020, 3 plates at $375