For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.”~Carl Sagan

Dear friends,
Each of us has a choice about the way we see the world. We can see the turmoil and look for blame, for enemies. Or we can see beyond that to ask the causes and to seek out the solutions. Why do those we call enemies do what they do? Can we change the narrative from blame and evil to understanding and compassion? I think we can. But it is not easy because everything in our world teaches us to think in terms of a war narrative of blame and evil instead of the peace narrative — winning and losing instead of cooperating and collaborating. However, I believe we can be the change. In times of fear and panic, we can be a force of calm. We can be safety for those who are trembling or the voice of reason for those who question. We can comfort the oppressed and be compassion to those who suffer. Let’s all practice looking first for the things we can do and understand instead of looking first for those to blame and attack. Together we can change the narrative.

PS, at long last, our new database is up and running. At long last, this will be our last newsletter in this format. Next week we will send it from our new database. This should solve many of the problems you all have had viewing this on your phone, etc. But as with any transition, there will be issues to work on. So please let us know if you don’t get next week’s e-news or if you have any problems viewing it. We are grateful to all of you for your support, for staying in touch with us and for helping to make this transition possible…Betsy