“We change the world when we meet the needs of another.” ~Kristin Welch

Dear friends,
My husband and I have enjoyed hosting new friends from around the world through several wonderful programs in Missoula like the Mansfield Center, The English Language Institute, the International Choral Festival and the Missoula International Friendship Program. And I know there are many other opportunities for us in Missoula to connect with the world. These encounters give us a chance to learn about the world and to share the things we value. We learn to be humble in the face of the trials endured by others and grateful for the gifts we have. I know our lives are enhanced because we see the world through a larger lens. I am so grateful to count among my friends the people I have met in SE Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and other places. Today’s news is full of posturing for another war which saddens and alarms me. One thing I know I can continue to do is to make friends around the world because where friends exist, enemies cannot. Check out the current needs for hosts in the Action section below. I hope you will consider making some new friends…Betsy


Travel the World Without Leaving Home.
1) Be a host family for the Mansfield Center. Contact Deena  at the Mansfield Center
July 12:14: Global faculty and practitioners in workforce development. Host a pair from two of the following countries: Ethiopia, Algeria, Brunei, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Israel, Uganda, Ukraine, Suriname, South Africa, Ecuador, Myanmar, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Honduras, Albania, Tunisia
August 30-September 1: Students and young professionals studying global environmental issues. Host a pair from two of the following countries: Brunei, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Timor Leste

2) English Language Institute Global Engagement Office is looking for community hosts for Japanese high school students arriving in July. Hosts are needed for one afternoon only! Contact Sarah Bortis at sarah.bortis@mso.umt.edu or 243-5885

3) International Choral Festivals needs hosts to provide a room with sleeping space for a minimum of two choir members, most meals while they are here, and the ability to provide transport to and from choir events during the festival. If you can be a host, please go to the International Choral Festival website for more information and to sign up. Go to: https://www. choralfestival.org/