Transformed people transform people

“Transformed people transform people” ~Richard Rohr

Dear friends,
Twenty years ago, a nun in Great Falls, MT told Robert Rivers that he would have a connection to Brazil. At the time it meant nothing, but when he met Fernanda Menna UbuntuBarreto Krum while working as a Nonviolent Peaceforce trainer in Romania. The two quickly became more than a connection and that magic has made an impact around the world helping people recover from conflict and rebuild lives. Fernanda and Robert settled in Missoula 7 years ago and while they have continued to have an impact around the world, they have built a center in Missoula that has transformed our community and many people in it. I am honored to announce that Fernanda and Rober have been chosen as the 2019 Peacemakers.

Imagine Nation Brewing Company is a place beyond beer — a Center for Transformation, the first of its kind, where connections conversations and change can occur. Their logo is a buffalo, the only animal that turns to face a storm. Fernanda and Robert have supported many people in conflict zones around the world to face the storms before them and transform their communities. The Center they have built here in MIssoula is helping us do the same by making space for critical dialogues such as LGBTQI issues, climate change, immmigration, veterans issues or criminal justice reform. Robert and Fernanda believe that we are all connected and that what we do together gives us strength. They have given almost have of their profits back to Missoula nonprofits and given us all a place to transform ourselves so that we can impact the world. The African saying that inspires their work is Ubuntu — we are who we are because of each other.

Please join us and the Missoula Peace Quilters to honor Fernanda M. B. Krum & Robert Rivers on Saturday, May 18 at Imagine Nation Brewing. At 1:30, Fernanda and Robert will offer a peacebuilding workshop presented by Denis Matveev. Then at 3 pm, we will introduce you to the five Youth Peacemakers nominated for the Fr. Jim Hogan Search For Peace Award and then the Quilters will present a special peace quilt to honor the work Robert and Fernanda are doing to strengthen our connections to each other and heal the world. I hope you can join us…Betsy

PS: Last week, our server was interrupted so we thought it wise to reassure you our security systems kept us safe, and we are back on track. We apologize for any disruptions.