Right and Left Hands

“Men and women are like right and left hands; it doesn’t make sense not to use both.” ~Jeannette Rankin

Dear friends,
Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history and honor the women who hold special places in each of our womenlives. Beginning with Jeannette Rankin, we celebrate the many women whose contributions challenged and changed our society for the better. Women who have worked hard for reproductive rights, voting rights, labor equality, freedom from assault and many other issues. This year a record number of women stepped up to run for offices around the country. Still, we have lots of work to do to combat poverty and ensure that women have an equal seat at the table. We now know the staggering numbers of indigenous women and girls who disappear or are murdered each year. Women around the world bear the burdens of war, poverty, unfair immigration policies, poor health care and lack of education — and for women of color that burden is magnified. Tomorrow we celebrate all the women who struggle for a better world and we accept our responsibility to continue the work of our ancestors and comrades. In the words of Judy Fjell, “You ran for us; you stood for us; let’s face it you stuck out your neck for us…now we’re running in your name Jeannette!” And don’t forget to thank all those supportive men out there who run alongside us!!!

With honor and thanks, Betsy

PS: Fair Trade enables women all around the world to set and achieve big dreams. And we are so thrilled that our very own Jenny Zaso, has been elected to the board of the Fair Trade Federation. We are so proud of her — the future of fair trade is bright !!