Tearing Down Walls

“To heal our society, our psyches must heal as well. The military, social, and environmental dangers that threaten us do not come from sources outside the human heart; they are reflections of it, mirroring the fears, greed, and hostilities that separate us from ourselves and each other.” ~Joanna Macy

Dear friends,
I’ve been thinking a lot about walls lately. Truth is I can’t read or listen to anything where the question of a wall doesn’t come up. The wall, of course, is the proposed one to wallsseparate the US from Mexico. Many people would gladly spend billions of our national treasury and add to our debt in order to keep people out and protect a way of life that is shrinking — if it ever really existed. But there are other walls we must contend with — namely the ones we construct in our hearts to dismiss or discount others who don’t fit in our picture of the world. Because we too are afraid. And if Joanna Macy is correct that the fear and hostility in our own heart that separates us from each other for whatever reason is mirrored in the fear and hostility we see in our society, then we all have work to do. Let’s take down the “no trespassing” sign in our hearts and let the world in all its messiness inside…Betsy