Beneath the Ink

“Face your past. Change your life.” ~Beneath The Ink

Dear friends,
I have been enjoying the break from routine to watch many of the films at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. I’ve been exposed to the effects of war, the power of a Changebicycle, the realities of being black or native, the pain of the human condition and the redemption that is possible. All of them connect me to people and places outside my world. They inspire conversations and they teach me what is real and also what is possible. We have had a recent onslaught of hate literature surface in Missoula and I know we all struggle trying to understand how people can believe hateful rhetoric. And we search for solutions that will bring about change and redemption. One filmmaker found a story of hope. In his film, we see people whose hatred was motivated by a desire to fit in and whose redemption comes about through love. One person who found a way to make the world a better place and a director who wanted me to share his story with all of you. I invite you to watch Beneath The Ink and I send gratitude to Cy Dodson for his generosity…Betsy