Young Peacemakers

“…young people are in the forefront of the political process—working, listening, talking, participating…”
Mike Mansfield, 1970.

Dear friends,
In 2001, Fr. Jim Hogan challenged the community to look to young people to find peacemakersexpressions of peace in our world. He believed that our children and young adults could offer us an inspiring perspective. 2018 saw proof all over this country that he was right. Young people raised their voices and took to the streets to speak up about the issues that are important to them, including gun rights, racism and more. This past couple of years, we have witnessed proof that our young people are the future of politics, the hope of our country and the voices of change.

Because of this, JRPC decided last year that instead of artwork from young people, we would ask for the names of young people in our own community who inspire and give hope. If you attended last year’s Peacemaker event, you witnessed the stories of the young people we honored last year. Many of us choked up with pride and joy as we listened and learned. I for one can’t wait to hear more stories of the young people in MIssoula who are making a difference.

If you know a person between the ages of 5 and 18 who has helped us in our collective Search for Peace and who is making a difference in your neighborhood, school or family, we want to know. Send us their story and let’s celebrate these young peacemakers who are leading the way. Information and an online nomination form is available at  Or you can go to the Search for Peace Award on the programs/events menu.  Our thanks and admiration for the young people who challenge and inspire us, Betsy