A Better Place


Dear friends,
We all want to see and do some grand gestures that will make the world better, But let us remember that it is the little things we do on a daily basis that add up to make a big difference. During this hectic holiday season where we deal with crowds, traffic and lots to do, let us remember there are many in our community who have no reason to celebrate. Whether from grief, illness or tragedy, there are many in our midst who need US. Not a present or a party but just someone to lean on and connect with. I’m sure if we all look, we can find them — maybe someone you pass on the street, a neighbor or a family member. Let’s make sure we see those opportunities and rise to meet them. The world will be made better by all of us choosing to do one small thing each day for our families, our neighbors and our community. What will your contribution be today?…Betsy