Thank you

To you — the members, supporters and volunteers of the Peace Center,

As we end 2018 and celebrate our winter holidays, it is a perfect time for me to say mailthank you for the contributions of time, money and ideas you make each year to keep us going strong.  There is much work for peacemakers – in our world, in our community, and I suspect, even at our own tables, so I am grateful that you have chosen to be part of our “peace community”.

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With our love and thanks,
Betsy and Jenny

“Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.” ~Mother Teresa

“Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.” ~Mother Teresa

Dear friends,
Tomorrow is the longest night of the year. Many of us will celebrate the growing light candle-for enewsthat follows the solstice. But the longest night is also a fitting time to remember those for whom the cold and dark are inescapable realities. I am referring to those in our community who do not have a warm, safe place to live. The following homeless individuals died this last year, exposed to the elements. Their stories will not be written in the paper and few of us will note their absence. Part of peacemaking is bearing witness to the stories that need to be told. We may never know the hopes and struggles behind these names but each one was someone I perhaps walked past on the street, someone who faced challenges I will never know. Please join me tomorrow evening at 5:30 in front of the Courthouse to speak their names and bear witnesss to their struggles. May they each rest finally in peace…Betsy

Jerry Wright
Dennis Yuhazs
Michael Schumacher
Thomas “Wade” Schell
Susan Egeland
Madison Allen
Jim Laufenberger
Wayne Munnell
Ron Clark
Andy Wilder

A Better Place


Dear friends,
We all want to see and do some grand gestures that will make the world better, But let us remember that it is the little things we do on a daily basis that add up to make a big difference. During this hectic holiday season where we deal with crowds, traffic and lots to do, let us remember there are many in our community who have no reason to celebrate. Whether from grief, illness or tragedy, there are many in our midst who need US. Not a present or a party but just someone to lean on and connect with. I’m sure if we all look, we can find them — maybe someone you pass on the street, a neighbor or a family member. Let’s make sure we see those opportunities and rise to meet them. The world will be made better by all of us choosing to do one small thing each day for our families, our neighbors and our community. What will your contribution be today?…Betsy

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Dear friends,
70 years ago next Monday, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the UN General Assembly. The drafters had seen the horror of the Second World Warcalendar and wanted to do something to instill in all peoples a sense of the responsibility we have to each other as fellow human beings. It was and still is a foundation on which we can build because even though we have made progress, we know there are many places in the world where the darkness of oppression still rule. But having this document is a call to action — a call to peace — to keep working for the rights of every person to life, liberty, security. I have always thought how fitting it is that this date falls at the beginning of many of our holiday celebrations. This declaration lies at the heart of peace on earth and goodwill to all. I urge you to celebrate the day by reading the articles and joining us on December 11 at the Payne Family Native American Center as several area organizations gather to accept and affirm our collective call to action…Betsy