Changing a mind…

“Changing a mind is different than having an argument.
Persuasion takes patience, skill and insight, not force.” ~Seth Godin

October 18, 2018
Dear friends,
Recently the Missoulian featured a picture of a sign that read, “While everyone has a civility-cartoon-f-you(2)right to their opinions, politics and religion are not to be discussed in here due to the passionate emotions of some of us.” The message caught me eye and made me sad. The fact that many of us have passionate emotions about our country and its future is one of the bright spots, likely what will save our democracy. But the fact that we cannot and will not talk to each other is not such a bright spot.It suggest and nurtures fear and division. I decided I want to find ways of reaching out to listen and see if I can learn about some of that passionate emotion and share some of my own. I invite you to join me. We don’t have to start with the hardest conversations, but we do have to start…Betsy


Thursday, October 18, 2:30-6 pm, Playfair Park. Missoula Rises is planning an afternoon of community connection and protest. If you want to protest Trumps visit the event, the details are below. There was going to be a march on Higgins Ave. organized by Sierra McMurry and that group has decided to join Missoula Rises at this event. You can follow the updates and RSVP at From 2:30 – 6:00  volunteers will be available to escort you to the polling stations at the fairgrounds to cast your ballots.

  • 2:30 – 4:30 pm We Create Community Connection. The Native community will open the event. We will then sing, educate ourselves on the ballot initiatives, candidates, we sign up to canvass and volunteer. We will participate in community art, sharing in food, making signs and t-shirt printing. There will be yoga, face-painting, activities for kiddos and time for us to meet, talk and connect in person. We will be together.
  • 4:30 – 5:30 pm We Rally. We won’t stand silent. We won’t turn our backs. We will share our passion, our rightful rage and our stories. We are community of interwoven stories. We have stood side by side and shared our stories, sadness, anger, hope. We have empowered each other, and ourselves, through our stories. We will make our voices heard when Trump comes to our community with his hateful rhetoric. We respond as a community with our unified voice.
  • 5:30 – 6:00 pm We March. We march from Playfair Park down South Avenue and wrap around the fairgrounds to Russell Street. We surround the sidewalks around the Missoula County Fairgrounds. We surround the polls. We protest AND we get out the vote. We do both.

Thursday, October 18, 6:30 pm, UM Law School Room 101. UM Professor, Tobin Shearer and several colleagues are holding a teach-in as an alternative to those seeking something positive to do on this day. It is open to all.