Connection and Community

“The need for connection and community is primal,
as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food.” ~Dean Ornish

Dear friends,
Connection and community — two primal needs. We all have multiple connections — communitywith the land, the place, each other and together we celebrate being part of many communities. This week in MIssoula, we have the opportunity to explore these concepts in depth with three sets of events and activities focused around different aspects of community and connection. We just kicked off Suicide Prevention Week, a tragic reminder of how the lack of connection and belonging destroy us. This is also Walk and Roll Week, celebrating 27 years of learning to get around with people-powered transportation and make our community more sustainable. and finally, we are proud to be part of the events of Welcoming Week with Soft Landing Missoula and others — time to celebrate the richness that refugees and immigrants bring to our community. I hope you find joy in your own connections and communities this week…Betsy

But wait — I can’t talk about community without talking about the Peace Party coming in October — our chance to celebrate the peace community you are part of. This year, our live auction has several exciting new connections for you to be part of thanks to generous donors — be part of the New Hampshire countryside or the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, explore the Flathead Lake from a beautiful cabin, or connect with others over an international dinner from Turkey, Thailand, India, Africa, Germany, France and more!