Be the Change

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~Gandhi

Dear friends,
9-11-01 changed our world. It is easy to feel insignificant and even hopeless in the face IMG_2711 smallerof the world we have become — full of fear, hatred and division. But, September 11 is another anniversary as well – one that offers us great hope and significance. On 9-11-06 Mohandas Gandhi took his first action of non-violent resistance against a world that he saw as terribly unjust. Here was a man who, despite being trained as a lawyer, was too shy to actually practice law. And yet, he knew that the problems of his day were only being compounded by an “eye for an eye” mentality. And he knew that he must become the change he wanted to see in the world. We can be discouraged by the tragedies around us or we can see the hope of people standing up to make change happen — and we can join them…Betsy

Speaking of finding hope, we have been gifted with many wonderful offerings for our silent auction and raffle from our generous community. Over the next 6 weeks, I want to highlight some of these. First, our raffle items —

$75 at The Red Bird
2 free admission buttons to the 2019 International Choral Festival
$150 to Boomswagger Salon
a one-night stay at Symes Hot Springs
a $35 gift certificate to the Book Exchange
a membership and T-shirt from the Roxy Theatre
and 15 mums from the Pink Grizzly

For more information and to register for the Peace Party on Oct 14, 2018 click here