The color of truth is gray

The color of truth is gray.” ~Andre Gide 

Dear friends,

Much has been written about the political divide in this country and our need to findIMG_2711 smaller ways of understanding and getting along with those who have ideas and perspectives that are radically different from ours. There are two events that JRPC is hosting next week that get to this point well. Both are on Wednesday evening and both will give you much to think about. Janice Springer’s book I Know We Are All Welcome At The Table, But Do I Have To Sit Next To You? is already one of the most sought after books in our store and we don’t even have it in yet!! The title grabs us and invites us inside where Janice outlines the tools we need to make peace happen — and it’s not as hard as you might think. These tools come straight out of her Christian ministry but they apply to all of us of any faith tradition. Janice uses her own journey to demystify the work we all must do. Her honesty and openness give us hope that we can also succeed to find compassion over judgment and transform ourselves and our community. She not only shows us the tools, she shows us how to be gentle with ourselves as we practice and how to share these tools with others in our communities. Come learn more and get your copy of this important book.

Following that, head over to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church for a discussion by a young man we know who will share his experiences living in Palestine and help us think more clearly about the prospects for peace in this troubled area. I hope I see you at BOTH of these tables…Betsy