Peace Parties On…and we’re all invited

”There can be no vulnerability without risk; there can be no community without vulnerability;there can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community.” ~M. Scott Peck

Dear Peace Community,PeaceParties2018_small
In just 6 short weeks we will celebrate together our 32 years as a community dedicated to learning about and working for nonviolence, social justice and environmental stewardship. Looking back, we can be so proud of what was accomplished by a few dedicated folks – the events, the actions, the bold statements, and the network of committed neighbors working together with passion. But we can’t just look back. We must look forward as well. Our theme this year is “Peace Parties On…and we’re all invited”.

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In any community there is work to be done and sometimes things do not work out as planned and desired. I talk to many of you and the most common conversation centers around…”how can we not be so discouraged?” and “how do we keep going?” It is questions just like this that made us choose this theme. Conflict, discouragement, disappointment — these are all part of life. It is important that we find the ways, individually and collectively to see the bigger picture and keep our eyes on the goal. The road to violence and injustice is well-worn. The journey to peace still being mapped out from the wilderness Peace is not a “one-and- done” activity. It is a lifelong choice that we must make again and again. And despite the setbacks and tragedies, the journey to peace keeps inviting us and inspiring our engagement. Our community needs each of you and each of us need the community to support us. Each of us has the power to heal wounds, find hope and move us a little further along on the road to peace. Together, we party on!


There is still plenty of opportunity for you to help us make the Peace Party another outstanding event to top off our 32 years. You can volunteer, donate, attend or send us ideas. Thanks for being part of our community…Betsy