Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

July 26
Dear friends,
Pinback buttons were patented on July 21, 1896, for political campaigns and in the 122 buttonsyears since then people have found many ways to express their life events, their politics and their preferences through buttons. We wear buttons to inspire, to persuade or connect with others, to be funny or to wear our ideals for all to see. I have so many buttons on a cork board at home and still I see a new one and want to add it to my collection! I was excited to find this Button Museum http://www.buttonmuseum.org/ cataloguing hundreds of political, social, commercial, aspirational, funny or personal wearable mementos. When you look at the history represented in these tiny metal circles, you see years of grassroots, local action and all the social change it created.

You know that the Olive Branch at JRPC is one of the best places to find buttons that inspire that action and change. But guess what — we are getting our very own button maker! So look for some events and opportunities in the future to get creative! And we are going to start the creativity off at our booth at the Griz Fest before the August Pearl Jam Rock2Vote concert. So plan on coming to see us with your ideas for your “dream button” on Monday, August 13 between 3 and 8 pm. Let’s wear our values!!…Betsy